DevTalk: The Zeroth Episode

Today I had a blast getting together with fellow blogger and tech colleague, Jeff Vera (aka, the barebonescoder). We decided to start a podcast/videocast series to discuss tech topics and to begin conversations among developers, especially those in the Tampa Bay area.

Though neither of us had done something like this before, we asked ourselves, “How hard could it be?” Answer: Very easy.

It turned out that all we needed was a laptop with a webcam, two bar stools, and a lot of patience with each other as we moved through blooper after blooper onscreen. Eventually we jotted down the initial flow we wanted to follow, and got the time down under ten minutes so we could post it on youtube. Our topic was innocuous enough: blogging.

While this initial podcast was meant to help us “get our feet wet”, we do have a vision for the series, so stay tuned. I’ll be posting information about upcoming topics so you can weigh in before or during the broadcast. If you’d like to be a guest on the series, email me and we’ll skype you in.

Our next topic will be: Women in Software Development.



One thought on “DevTalk: The Zeroth Episode

  1. Cool! But needs an audio version and an RSS feed. 🙂

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